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The Concept2 Indoor Rower is the best selling rowing machine in the world and is built to last. It is designed to cope with years of extreme, high volume punishment and every machine meets the same rigorous quality control standard. It can be found in almost every gym, rowing club and Olympic training venue in Australia. It is also used for cross training with almost every other sport including Formula 1, athletics, sailing, triathlon, rugby, football, cricket and basketball.

Rowing on the indoor rower is impact-free. You can row as hard or as easily as you want and as a result, thousands of customers have found rowing to be the best low-impact, full-body workout available. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.



Dimensions:242cm x 61cm
Max. User Weight:225
Readout Display:The PM4 is the most up to date version of our Performance Monitor and comes as standard on the Model E, although it can also be fitted on the Model D. As well as having all the features of the PM3, it also has additional functionality which includes:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Built in wireless compatibility with Suunto heart rate technology, offers improved transmission and eliminates interference from nearby rowers. Also compatible with Polar heart rate technology, if optional Polar receiver is installed (available from Concept2).
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack: As you row you will actually be recharging your battery. The battery pack can also be recharged by connecting the PM4 to a PC through the USB port.
  • Increased Memory Capacity: To allow for future expansion and features to the monitor.
  • Supports Machine to Machine Racing: The computing power of the PM4 support both wireless and wired racing. No PCs needed.


  • PM4 Performance Monitor is standard on all Model E Indoor Rowers.
  • Longer monitor arm makes it easy to reach the PM4.
  • The frame is 15cm higher, positioning you at a comfortable seat height.
  • One-piece leg design for greater stability and solid feel.
  • Nickel plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look.
  • Fully enclosed chain housing for easy cleaning.
  • Powder-coated frame is sealed with a clear top coat for extra durability.
  • Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents.
  • Inbuilt heart rate function & Garmin chest belt transmitter.
  • Wireless racing capabilities with up to 8 other Model E rowers.



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