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Brand: MBH Fitness
Category: Exercise Bikes And Spin Cycles
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The M-8808R Recumbent Exercise Bike has been specifically designed to offer the user maximum comfort during workouts.

The reclined seat position inherent in recumbents affords the user the ability to exercise for longer periods of time, minus any straining of the back and buttocks which when using some bikes can be a very negative issue to contend with.

A work out on the M-8808R Recumbent bicycle is an extremely enjoyable experience for the user due to the bikes integrated technology and comfortable design.
A dynamite exercise bike which is very suited to home gym situations too!


Dimensions:L 1920 mm x W 620 mm x H 1520 mm
Max. User Weight:150
Readout Display:speed, pace, heart rate, heart rate AVG, heart rate Peak, pace, average pace, elapsed time, time remaining, time in zone, instant of time, distance, taken distance, distance remaining, calories, hourly calories, calories remaining, power, metabolic rate training program; quick start, customized cool down, manual goals, mountaineering, climbing, fat burning, intermittence timing, cardiopulmonary function training, etc.


  • Interface similar to an iPad including a 11.6″ TFT touch screen.
  • Wi-Fi functions available: ie; web browsing, games, and video streaming.
  • Music, videos, and pictures may be viewed and played. This is achieved by inserting a U disk or memory card.
  • A built-in analogue and digital TV allows you to view your favourite programs whilst exercising.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: resistance, speed, quick start.
  • Heart rate monitoring: contact heart rate monitoring system measures your heart rate; telemetry (optional chest strap) heart rate monitoring system provides precise measurement and frees your hands.
  • Console

  • Display type: 11.6″ TFT touch screen
  • Screen-saver: protective covering, built-in shock absorber & cushion blocking.
  • Built-in TV: analogue and digital NTSC/ATSC/QAM, PAL/SECAM/DVB-T2, NSTC/ISDB-T with BACS; IPTV (optional).
  • Metric/English Selection: km/h, mile/h, turn/min, kg & pound.
  • Loudspeaker: Hi Fi stereo system.
  • Headphone jack: 3.5 mm, stereo.
  • Plug and play headphone jack: available.


Refurbishment:Brand New

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