True Fitness CS800 Elliptical Crosstrainer

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Brand: True Fitness
Category: Elliptical Cross Trainers
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The True CS800 is a machine that will keep people eagerly returning to the gym. This brilliant
elliptical offers the user outstanding workouts via the MIX3 personal training and a variety of preset
workouts. From the core drive design and high grade programming to a protective sweat-resistant
finish, the True Fitness CS800 is a popular and highly recommended workout machine the world


Dimensions:183 cm x 88 cm
Max. User Weight:204kg

  • Center drive. Most elliptical machines have rear drives or front drives, which can often make it difficult for the user to stay upright. Trues core drive system assists people to retain an upright position while making long elliptical strides. The unique design also means that the machine has a smaller footprint, and takes up less space, thus, more units can fit into a workout room or gymnasium facility.
  • Long strides. A 21 inch stride affords users a more natural range of motion.
  • Comfortable pedals. Orthopedic cushioning on the pedals promotes comfort and endurance, and the narrow spacing promotes healthy hip movement.
  • Ergonomic handlebars. The handlebars are constructed with biomechanics in mind. They are wellcushioned and suitable for a wide variety of body sizes. The handlebars are treated with an antisweat material to avoid staining.
  • Sturdy frame. The CS800 elliptical has a durable frame made of robotically welded steel.
  • Great workout options. Both the Basic and Advanced versions of the CS800 elliptical have MIX3 programs. The programs guide people through exercising different parts of the body for an extremely efficient cross training. Additionally, the unit with a Basic console (CS800-E2W) has seven preset workouts and basic iPod compatibility (music only). The Advanced console version (CS800- E15T) has 22 preset workouts, advanced iPod compatibility, a 15 inch LCD with touch screen technology and built-in TV, advanced landscape graphics, and additional features.
  • Heart rate control. A wireless heart rate monitor makes it easy to maximize each workout: the CS800 True HRC Cruise Control workout automatically adjusts program intensity to help keep the user within a specified heart range.


Refurbishment:Cleaned & Serviced

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