Remanufactured Equipment Requires The Best Tech’s.

Remanufactured Equipment Requires The Best Tech’s.


Remanufactured gym equipment is what Gray’s Fitness is all about. People often ask how we manage to bring used gym equipment back to such stunning condition.  One reason for this is because we have the best technicians in the business. Another is the unsurpassed and much coveted attention to detail that makes us leaders in the field. Here are some images telling a little of that story …

treadmills being remanufactured

Treadmills being totally remanufactured.

Crosstrainers being remanufactured


treadmill decks, grays fitness

Treadmill decks waiting to be brought back to their best.

lat machine being remanufactured

A lat machine stripped down and totally remanufactured.

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