Are You Stressed? A Simple Test.

Are You Stressed? A Simple Test.


Here’s a short little test to see if you’re running around with too much stress. Apparently, it’s easy to miss our own signs of stress because we always have that ‘I-should-be-doing-more’ voice in our heads.

This simple test clears everything out.

So here it is…

Whatever you’re doing right now, STOP.

Stop doing what you’re doing and take the next hour off.

Simply do nothing for the next 60 minutes. No phone, no social media, no work, no thinking about work, no making an important call or anything that your mind deems as important.

Do something completely different instead. Stare at the wall, listen to some music you like, read fiction, take a gander around the city and observe people, walk the dog…

…anything that does not require mental activity.

And see how your mind responds.

(Side Note: If you’re at work, do this when you get home or a time when you’re not required to work and don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder)

If your mind resists, if there’s this feeling that you get that you should be working, that you’re missing out, that you’re just goofing around wasting your life away or you’re unable to relax, it’s a tell-tale sign…

…you’re stressed.

A healthy mind is able to engage when it’s required to and dis-engage when the work is done. An inability to dis-engage means that you’re carrying gargantuan amounts of stress in your life.

Take some time off.


Have fun and build it into your daily schedule. Make yourself laugh, hard, everyday and you’ll gradually start to get rid of stress.

It might seem simple but an overworked mind dampens everything – sleep, your vitality, sex drive, emotional satisfaction and makes life seem like one of those boring Academy Award winning French movies.

P.S. – And if you want a way to heal your body and relax your mind, checkout the CMRF (Complete Meal Replacement Formula) that creates healing conditions in your body and may even help you relax.


Please credit the guest speaker, Dr. Tania (Chinese Medicine) of Bnourishd.

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