2019 Fitness Related Resolutions you should be considering.


1) Your dietary needs need to be acknowledged and not ignored anymore.

Allergies, or that thing that makes you feel queasy after you’ve eaten it? you should probably stop eating. It’s so easy to ignore these little things, especially if they bring mild or temporary discomfort. However, it’s time to stop fighting your body and find out what’s upsetting it. Go see a dermatologist or allergy specialist. You’ll benefit greatly from it.

Go do it. Now.


2) Stop looking and comparing yourself to Instagram posts.

Instagram can be a great tool for sharing, communicating and finding other people with similar interests. Instagram can also be toxic. Photoshop, fake lifestyles and unrealistic, unobtainable physiques can be the root of many body and self esteem issues. This can be problem. A big problem.

A solution to this is to limit how much you spend time on the app. Limit yourself to 20-30 minutes for example. It’ll benefit your self-esteem, and at the least; productivity.



3) Cater your regular workout routine to what you enjoy.

If you’ve already found what you love, then you probably don’t need to read this. For the rest of us however, we need to find something that stimulates us through exercise. Maybe it’s connected through something else you love, like another hobby or passion.

That being said, some of us don’t find that “connection”- we are not enlightened by something that connects mind and body or pushes us to post motivational quotes on our Instagram posts. And that’s okay.

What happens now?

Well, it’s all about reward. I’m not saying go and eat 3 pizzas after your workout. I mean- play that video game you’ve been itching to play or curl up and Netflix it until you drift off to sleep.

The key? ONLY after your workout.  Be strict about. No Netflix without a workout. No small chocolate without a workout. No, it’s not easy, and you’ll screw up. But it’ll help.

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