5 keys to working less and achieving more

Hard work is so 1990s…

I mean, don’t get me wrong, nothing happens until you work hard but banging your head against the wall in the name of hard work just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It leads to stress, overwhelm, loneliness and…


The biggest one of them all – burnout (where you dread work and just want to run away from all responsibilities).

Not a very efficient way to live life.

Smart work is the name of the game.

If you like the idea of working smart and achieving more in the long haul without ever burning out, here are 5 keys that may help you find your groove:

Morning Exercise – Circulation of energy in the morning. From slow, stiff and sluggish to fast and out the door. 15-20 minute workout, walk, yoga…whatever form of movement works for you.

Sleep Better – As I’ve said before, an extra 1 hour can work wonders in terms of your focus and energy the next day.

Daily Miller Time – Tickle the child inside you everyday. If your mind doesn’t have anything to look forward to daily, you’ll be bored and frustrated when you work.

Sharpen Your Sword – Dedicate 1 hour everyday to improving your skill…anything you want to learn. Could be related to your job, hobby or something you’re curious about.

Take Care of Your Diet – Whole nutrient dense foods that fight inflammation and keep your body’s stress processing capacity high are best. Think energy and digestion when it comes to diet planning.

Building these tiny little things in your lifestyle can trigger massive improvement in your life and allow you to achieve more.

Much more.

You just have to be willing to try them.

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