3 Simple Steps For Creating A Gym Culture.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, The first question needs to be asked. When planning or mapping out the business, what did you put down as your core values/beliefs?

Living this through how you operate the gym is naturally going to create consistency and ultimately really appeal to people- especially if they are looking or expect those values to be part of their gym.  

But how do you manifest those values?

1) Visually.

Wonder why it’s becoming increasingly popular to have certain phrases, or why certain people are posted all around some gym walls? (I’m looking at you, Arnold Schwarzenegger)

It’s because they emphasis certain characteristics that the business represents. This is probably the easiest way you are going to give people a feel about your core values of the business. Text, quotes, murals, posters and chalk boards are some ideas on visually impacting the member.

2) Literally.

While emphasising such values, visually is incredibly effective. Emphasising that view personally- 1 on 1 with your clients/employees etc will ultimately further drive that culture.

This needs to be done for everyone involved in the business. You need to make sure everyone associated with your business has a understanding, and to actively enforce this culture when they interact with the people at the gym. It’s not like they have to go around quoting Arnold or yelling out motivational quotes, more so like being very attentive, friendly and passionate towards the members. This all adds up at the end of the day and reinforces that important point of consistency.

3) Events.

Creating events in and around the gym are important ways of driving gym culture and creating that sense of community. This could be anything from BBQ’s, in house gym competitions, weekly group class nights. The possibilities are endless…and the best bit? Members befriend members, trainers befriend members, everyone gets along with everyone. And boom. Culture.


You’ll be amazed how these things transform your gym, the livelihood and the culture of the gym. If you put these into practice you can really strengthen your gym and ultimately drive engagement with the business.

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