Cycling and Knee Injuries- The Recumbent Cycle.

Knee problems are common. Playing sport, general wear and tear and aging are the most common sources of knee problems seen in practices across Australia.

While circumstances, age and body factors determine different factors, the overarching goal is all the same- to get the body part working as it used to, or at least, better than the current state.

This blog works at specifically looking at how a stationary recumbent cycle can be extremely beneficial for getting you or someone you know back on track after a knee injury, such as an ACL or MCL injury.

This is where rehabilitation is important.  Please seek medical advice and assistance from a health care professional before you pursue any physical rehabilitation.

Determining the differing aspects that a recumbent exercise bike can bring to improving the movement of the knee is important, such things like:

  • Improving and strengthening the muscles around the knee.
  • Increasing the knee range of motion
  • Decrease or eliminating pain associated with knee problems
  • Preventing the injury from occurring again

So why the recumbent bike?

The positioning of the recumbent greatly reduces the strain and stress on the ACL. According to the Colorado State University, the movement of the seat being back obtains greater proper alignment, taking the stress of the knee joint by reducing and redistributing lower body weight (low impact on the joints)Further, it lowers hip movement and provides a firm backrest when riding.

Correct form:

Making sure you are using proper form is super important in any exercise you engage in. On a recumbent, do not lean forward, instead make sure your back is pressed firmly against the back of the seat and hold on to the handles on the side.

Selecting the right resistance:

Alike any resistance training, when starting, make sure you start slow-or in this case-light. Select the right, comfortable resistance to start with and gradually increase the resistance as you build up to a comfortable weight.

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