The Benefits Of Using Rowing Machines. Cardio work-outs.

Both Upper body and Lower body workout:

The great thing about using a rower is the movement involved between the upper and lower body during the exercise. As you start the range of motion you are exerting through your legs and finishing with your shoulders and arms as you bring the handle to your body.

The main muscles used in the legs are the the quads, calves and glutes. The upper body muscles primarily include the back, shoulders, traps and biceps.


Posture is important. Rowing helps with this.

But seriously, as the rower works the muscles in the back with squeezing the handle to your core, this in time will strengthen these back muscles and thus help with naturally stabilising your core, spine, and finally work on correcting existing posture problems.

Low Impact Cardio:

High impact cardio is something you need to be careful about, especially as you age.  High impact working out and movements put more stress on your body than good, however the motion of the rowing action is one that is natural and provides low impact and thus low risk to your bodies joints and muscles.

Increased Endurance:

Rowing is a great form of endurance. As previously mentioned, it focuses on an all encompassing body workout. The specific rowing movement will feel exhausting to start with. This is a good thing.

Over time, you will acclimate, and adapt to this motion and workout. This is called endurance building.

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