The Unforeseen Benefits of Cross-Trainers. 2 Major Points.

There are many pieces of cardio you can pick from in the gym. But what do you pick? The treadmill? the stepper? The bike?

While the elliptical Cross-Trainer is something that is often used a lot, it still goes unforeseen how beneficial it can be for exercise.

We all know that the elliptical is a great multi-muscle calorie burning machine. In terms of the calories burnt, it is similar to that of the treadmill- which by all means, is still a great workout.

However, it must be said it can often feel easier to work the larger groups of muscle.  The seeming- less movement of working the upper body with the Cross-Trainer mechanics really puts you through your paces and does deliver a satisfying full body workout.


A huge benefit of the Cross-Trainer is the protection of joints. The motion of the Cross-Trainer means that it is a very low impact, meaning it is great for people who experience joint problems and pain, particularly the hips and knees- this is called ‘closed chain movement’. Close chain movement refers to the co-contraction of multiple muscle groups, the quadriceps, hip flexors and hamstrings.  

People recovering from surgically repaired impacts are at the greatest benefit from this and physicians often advise this after surgery.

This is by no means medical advice and you should always speak to a medical professional about anything health related.

Core workout:

Amongst being great for your overall health capacity, did you know that the Cross-Trainer provides a great way to engage the core? You wouldn’t think it, but to work the abs, simply letting go of the handles while keeping balanced will put emphasis on that core working efficiently.

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