Your Fitness Goal For March


2019 is here. We like to see our customers happy and healthy!

This month we encourage you to engage in some sort of physical activity each and every day.

Our first example of this is body weight squatting.

Now I know what your thinking, you already squat on leg day. What’s that, once or twice a week? Once a month? Every now and again?

Well I’m talking regular, everyday squatting. Hear me out:

 1) Regular Squatting helps strengthen and build muscle.

Building muscle is the foundation for working towards a strong and sturdy base for longevity and decrease of injury. This in turn leads to benefits like improved posture. Strengthening of abs and lower back from the exercise allows us to re-implement how we sit at our office chairs, at the dinner table, or simply when we are relaxing!


  2) Squats help improve flexibility.

Flexibility from a well stretched muscle (engaging in squats) makes it easier for athletic performance, as well as a great way to supplement winding down and relaxing in the evening, or get going full steam ahead in the morning. It is further a great way to also improve balance as you age.

Yoga Stretches

     3) Improve your libido:

More pronounced in men, regular squatting has an interesting benefit in the increase of your libido. Squatting is a big movement in general and increases blood flow to the lower part of your body. This increase in blood flow helps the regulation of hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone.


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