Freemotion Treadmills

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Freemotion treadmills

You can view our range of Freemotion treadmills below.

  • Freemotion DualCableCross
    Freemotion Dual Cable Cross

    The Freemotion Dual-Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in everyday life. Every muscle and plane of motion can be worked and challenged on this unique machine. Lead one-on-one personal training sessions or small … Readmore

    Original Price: $9200

    $5,450.00 +GST
    7642 Category: Pin Loaded
  • Freemotion Hamstring
    Freemotion Hamstring

    Good Condition.
    See Video in Details!

    finance available

    $2,950.00 +GST
    Good Condition. See Video in Details!
    #5083 Category: Pin Loaded
  • Freemotion Chest
    Freemotion Chest

    200kg Weight Stack


    $1,850.00 +GST
    #2533 Category: Pin Loaded
  • Freemotion Strider
    Freemotion Strider

    Cleaned and Serviced

    finance available

    $2,950.00 +GST
    Cleaned and Serviced
    #2150 Category: Steppers And Climbers