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Hammer Strength Weights and Strength Equipment

You can view our range of Hammer Strength weights and strength equipment below.

This may include Hammer Strength weights and strength equipment, Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment, Hammer Strength free weights, Hammer Strength benches, Hammer Strength smith machines, Hammer Strength functional trainers, Hammer Strength racks and other Hammer Strength strength accessories.

  • Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Chest/Back

    As Traded

    $2,850.00 +GST
    As Traded
  • Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Mid Row

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    $2,450.00 +GST
    1874 Category: Plate Loaded
  • Hammer Strength Dumbbells

    Listed in the following doubles: Price is per KG. 38 x 2 52kg x 2 54kg x 2 56kg x 2 58kg x 2 60 x 2  

    Price is per kg.

    $5.00 +GST
  • HammerStrengthMTSIso-LateralChestPress
    Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Chest-Press

    The MTS Iso-Lateral Chest Press features separate weight stacks that provide independent diverging and converging motions. And optimal counterbalance eliminates the weight of the exercise arm. Click here to return to the strength section of the website: https://graysfitness.com.au/strength/

    $2,950.00 +GST
    1902 Category: Pin Loaded
  • CS-HSPL_PLSHC-hero
    Hammer Strength Super Horizontal Calf

    The Hammer Strength commercial Calf Plate-Loaded Super Horizontal is a used second hand piece of equipment that is designed to move resistance to the hips instead of the spine, and train both the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle motions. Calf extensions … Readmore


    $1,050.00 +GST
  • PecFlyRearDelt
    Hammer Strength Pectoral fly/rear deltoid

     This fly/rear Incorporates two different exercise choices in one machine Machine arms pivot to accommodate individual forearm length and path of motion Handle positions are optimized to eliminate readjusting the seat between exercises

    $2,450.00 +GST
    6051 Category: Pin Loaded
  • Hammer Strength Plate
    Hammer Strength Incline Press (white)

    Hammer Strength P/L ISO-Lateral Incline Press, allows for equal strength development. It’s unique path of motion fills the gap between the Shoulder Press and Incline Press. Features: Horizontal grip simulates a more traditional bench press ISO-Lateral motion allows for equal … Readmore

    Original Price: $1850

    $2,850.00 +GST
    9997 Category: Plate Loaded
  • Fitness Equipments
    Hammer Strength MTS Leg Curl

    As Traded

    $2,650.00 +GST
    As Traded