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Paramount Weights and Strength Equipment

You can view our range of Paramount weights and strength equipment below.

This may include Paramount weights and strength equipment, Paramount plate loaded equipment, Paramount free weights, Paramount benches, Paramount smith machines, Paramount functional trainers, Paramount racks and other Paramount strength accessories.

  • Paramount Leg Extension

    The leg extension is an isolation exercise that targets your Quadriceps, the muscles on the front of your thigh. Paramount equipment components are specifically designed to minimise your facility maintenance requirements. Check with your sales representative o the condition of … Readmore

    $1,050.00 +GST
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  • Paramount PFT 200A Functional Trainer
    Paramount PFT-200A Functional Trainer

    Dual Weight Stack Design

    1 LEFT

    $3,950.00 +GST
    Dual Weight Stack Design
  • Fitness Equipments
    Paramount Low Back Abdominal

    Good Condition.

    WAS $1250

    $950.00 +GST
    Good Condition.
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