360 Gym –S8 Pro Model

$26,500 +GST


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8 x Water-proof pulley cable machines
1 x Heavy duty adjustable bench
1 x Seated Row Bench attachments
1 x Lat Pulldown bench and attachments
2 x Squat rack safety arms
1 x Dip-bar & Dip bar extension
1 x Battle Rope
200kg Olympic plates weight set
1 x 20kg Olympic Barbell
2 x 15kg Olympic Barbell
1 x Olympic ezy-bar
2 x Barbell storage racks
4 x Squat rack J-hooks
2 x Rope pulley attachment
2 x Straight bar attachment
4 x Single handle attachment
1 x V-grip pulley attachment
2 x Landmine (Torsonator) attachments
2 x Pull Up / Chin-Up Attachments
1 x Boxing bag arm attachment
1 x Boxing bag
6 x Barbell quick-clamps
8 x Olympic pump bars
1 x Olympic pump bar storage
8 x Storage crates
1 x Fusion water-proof 4 speaker sound system
1 x On-board 12volt power and battery
1 x Interior & exterior LED lighting kit


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Dimensions: H=2210mm x L=4360mm x W=1850mm
Unit Weight: 930kg
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