Iron Edge 1-10kg Dumbbells With Rack



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Micro Dumbbells

  • Commercial grade
  • Ultra tough, mark resistant PU material
  • High temperature resistance

The Iron Edge Micro Dumbbell range has been developed specifically for the rigours of the commercial gym environment. They’re made from PU (polyurethane) which is directly bonded to the steel handle creating a fixed join that won’t loosen over time. PU is incredibly tough. It won’t tear, mark, mould or abrade. It’s also highly resistant to temperature extremes.

Vertical Dumbbell Rack

  • Compatible with Premium and Hex Dumbbells
  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) holding brackets

The Upright Dumbbell Rack has been designed and engineered in-house at Iron Edge in Australia with a space-conscious footprint to store the Iron Edge Premium Micro range or Hex Head range. The steel rack features high-durability HDPE brackets developed to protect the knurling of the dumbbells. Engineered for strength and stability, this ergonomic rack gives the micro dumbbells the ideal home.

Iron Edge Dumbbells 1 10


Buy Iron Edge 1-10kg Dumbbells With Rack online. If you are interested in the Iron Edge 1-10kg Dumbbells With Rack for sale, please enquire above.


  • 1185mm height
  • 476mm width
  • 131mm depth
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