Iron Edge Weight Plate Tree

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What is a weight plate tree?

A weight plate tree is a frame with pegs on it you can use to store your weight plates. The frame can have different shapes and a different amount pegs and consequently store different amounts of plates.

Many plate trees are an upright post with pegs coming out the side like branches of a tree. That similarity is where the ‘tree’ part of the name comes from. However, there are also other shapes available and some of those are quite popular like the A-frame. The same ‘tree’ word is still used for many of those other versions even though they don’t look like a tree.

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  • Tidy look in your gym
  • Faster weight changes
  • No weight plates to hit your toe against

You don’t really want to permanently store your plates on the floor. They take up a lot of space and get in the way. If your home gym isn’t too big, you can win some space by properly storing your plates. A tidy look in your gym will make it more pleasurable to use. Using your gym more often will result in reaching your goals quicker. A messy looking gym is not fun to use and it might cause you to stop using your gym.

Having your weight plates organized makes weight changes on the bar faster as well. It’s a PITA to be searching for that 2.5 lbs. plate that’s stuck under all the 45’s. It’ll take a minute or more to find if and dig it out. By properly sorting your plates; you know exactly where the weight plates are and where to put the ones you just took off the bar.

Having weight plates on the floor is also a great way to hit your toes against or trip over. Tripping over something in a gym filled with hard metal is not a great plan. It’s easy to just put the plates you took off the bar on the floor. They stay there until the next time you use them. This takes up a ton of place that could be used for other things and keep yourself safe.


  • Metro location only (please call for regional delivery quote)
  • NO narrow doors (an 82cm access width is guaranteed for this item or order)
  • Ground floor only with no stairs (1-3 steps to entrance is ok)
  • Property must have easy access for delivery trucks (no steep drives)

If you are in a regional location, or have a narrow door, stairs or steps, or a difficult to access property, or have any queries regarding the above, please contact us for a custom delivery quote on 1300 769 556.

Otherwise additional charges may apply, and your order may need to be re-booked at your cost.

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