Life Fitness Synrgy 360XS

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The Life Fitness Synrgy 360xs functional training unit on offer is in powder coated blue.

Purchased from new approximately 4 years ago.  Has been well looked after in a commercial gym and is cleaned 3 times weekly.

Contains 4 corners with a different station on each corner as well as another section in between each corner with another training stations, so in fact you can have up to 8 people using the module all at once.  Perfect piece of equipment for a small PT studio or boutique space as it only has a footprint of approximately 2m x 2m and can fit up to 8 people training simultaneously.

More on the Synrgy360

The ground breaking SYNRGY360 system creates a fun, inviting and meaningful workout experience for all who use it. Life Fitness pioneered the concept with the aim of creating transformational and inspiring fitness experiences for a large and diverse array of exercisers. The system is not only ideal for dynamic small group training and one on one personal training, but also for individual exercisers.

The XS model offers four unique training spaces perfect for a space conscious exercise hub. The concept’s modular design can be customized to best reflect required training programs and objectives, and provides users with the motivational resources they long for and desire. Incorporating Multi-Jungles with a SYNRGY360 system can offer even more exciting and beneficial small group training options, and the energy and buzz created around a SYNRGY360 system makes it an incredibly exciting focal point of any facility.

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  • SMALL GROUP TRAINING HUB: A SYNRGY360 system provides a hub of motivating energy.
  • VARIETY AND VERSATILITY: Nearly limitless variety takes the repetition out of small group training.
  • MODULAR CUSTOMIZATION: Several configuration options and workout station choices allow a facility to tailor the perfect system for its clients.
  • SUITED TO SPACE: Five different sizes of SYNRGY360 units makes it easy to choose one that fits best into any facility.
  • EXPANDABLE: An expanding offering of options and add on’s keeps workouts fresh and fun.
  • CABLE MOTION:</strong><br>Cable Motion multi-jungles add versatility and robust training options to any SYNRGY360 unit.

Stations are as follows:

Corner 1: Single adjustable cable pulley

Corner 2: Adjustable dip bar station

Corner 3: Adjustable step-up/jump platform

Corner 4: Powerband section for core work

Space 1: Adjustable rebound trampoline

Space 2: TRX station

Space 3: Pull-Up Station with rock climbing grips/Torsonator with bar

Space 4: Boxing Bag

There is also plenty of room for storage including kettlebells, powerbands, boxing equipment, slam balls etc.  There are 4 shelves in total for Kettle Bells and 4 hooks for various powerbands as well as a central shelf for boxing gloves etc.

Please note: The unit will come with the bar for the Torsonator, but none of the other attachments.  I.e. no TRX, powerbands, kettle bells, slam balls, boxing equipment etc.  All other accessories are inclusions, such as the step-up platform, dip bar etc.


This is an As Traded item and may have some general wear and tear (nicks, scratches and so on).
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