Marpo Multi Mode Rope Trainer

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The VMX Rope Trainer features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverse pull. The easy to adjust sliding carriage allows for increased versatility for strength, cardio and functional training. The ability to alternate rope heights, grips and pull directions makes the VMX Rope Trainer the ultimate functional training tool.

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Dimensions: 244 cm X 208 cm X 101 cm
Unit Weight: 93 kg
  • Dynamic Magnetic Brake System (DMB)
  • Dynamic Resistance range 1-200 pounds (0.5- 90.7 kg)
  • Brake Mechanism allows for Bidirectional Rope Pulling
  • Sliding carriage enables quick and easy rope mode changes: Vertical, Diagonal, Horizontal rope orientations.
  • Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, durable and long-lasting
  • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed, and calories
  • Unit Power Requirement: 3 AA batteries (unit does NOT require AC power source.
This is an As Traded item and may have some general wear and tear (nicks, scratches and so on).
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