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Commercial Fitness centres and gymnasiums need to provide their clients with high quality treadmills known for offering an extremely high level of strength, durability and performance. This is a must due to the high use nature of a commercial fitness facility. The T3x offers the gym owner all the above and so much more, with high strength, heavy gauge steel framing, and an anti-scratch finish to help preserve the slick look of this wonderful machine.

From the 4.2 HP AC Dynamic Response Drive System to the Ultimate hard wax reversible deck, the T3x treadmill is loaded with features that you’d only find on comparable models at twice the price.
Regardless of user experience and fitness level the T3x offers something for all users. Whether walking or running, a superb level of comfort is experienced thanks to the Matrix Ultimate Deck System, which provides superior performance and durability.

The console is very user-friendly, and many pre-programmed workouts come standard with the T3x.

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Incline: 0% - 15% (590 kg Thrust Elevation Motor)
Deck Size: 152 cm x 51 cm (Running Surface)
  • Motor: The Matrix 4.2 Hp AC motor with Dynamic Response Drive System fine-tunes the response based on footfall pattern for a smooth, consistent, natural workout.
  • Deck: Ultimate Hard-Wax Reversible 1″ Deck.
  • Belt Type: Habisat – 2 – Ply Commercial Grade.
  • Deck Step Height: 19 cm
  • Cushion System: Ultimate Deck
  • Frame Construction: Steel
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Display: Dot matrix LED with profile display. Expanded features offer intuitive operation.
  • USB Port: Yes
  • One-Button Quick Start: Yes
  • Pause Function: Yes
  • On the Fly Program Change: Yes
Cleaned and Serviced
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