Nautilus Leg Extension Leg Curl Combo

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The Nautilus NOVA Leg Extension and Leg Curl machine combines the unique features of two leg machines into one with individual strength curves for optimal biomechanics and a user-friendly design.

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Dimensions: 63" x 48" x 58"
Unit Weight: 220

Features and Benefits

  • The reclined seat back angle prevents quadriceps from interfering with full-range hamstring contraction.
  • The long range seat back adjustment provides axis alignment for all users, while the knee pad releases out of the way for easy entry and exit.
  • The Nautilus NOVA line uses the same 11-gauge steel frame tubes and commercial-grade components as our other popular Nautilus Nitro Plus and XPLoad strength lines
  • The Kevlar-reinforced belt drive system, double-sealed bearings, four-bar linkage and ultra-low friction guide rod bearings provide a longer life, a smoother feel and a stronger weight transport system than conventional cable drive systems
  • The marine-grade, contoured upholstery adds comfort, longevity and improved aesthetics over flat pads
  • Bright colored adjustment handles add to user-friendliness, along with fully illustrated instructions on each station
  • Provides an integrated 5 lb. increment drop-down add-on weight system
  • Quick and easy seat adjustments with a safe and solid pop-pin system
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