Nautilus Pull Over

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  • This powerful machine provides 250° of shoulder rotation, working the lats, pecs and abs.
  • Contoured back pad for unrestricted movement in starting position
  • Angled movement arm pads for comfort and accommodation of various user sizes
  • Tiered foot pedal for easy entry and exit Ergonomically designed movement arm accommodates all users
  • Updated Sleek, Partially Enclosed Weight Shields with a 5.5” Opening
  • Marine Grade, Contoured Upholstery for Comfort & Durability
  • Updated Exercise Placards for Ease of Use
  • Integrated Parts Schematic Simplifies Service
  • Proprietary Pin Design Limits Pilferage & Misuse Liability
  • Enlarged Bottle Holder & Towel Knob for Convenience
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Dimensions: 57” x 46” x 67”
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