Solid Focus Power Cage

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The Solid Focus Power Cage has been designed for the Club, Trainer or Home User looking for more than just an ordinary run of the mill power cage. The cage incorporates commercial design standards. The cage is suitable for applications from Elite Sporting Facilities and Health Clubs to the advanced PT.

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  • Nickel Plated Gun Racking for extreme durability and ease of racking
  • Heavy Duty adjustable safety catches and supports
  • Multi Grip Chinning Bar
  • 8ft High for the taller athlete or user
  • Multiple band pegs for variable resistance workouts
  • Additional Plate Storage

Key Design Elements:

  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Nickel Plated Gun Racking System
  • Unique Powdercoat process with clear coat finish
  • 3mm Commercial Grade Steel Tubing
  • Oval Tubing 100mm x 50mm
This is an As Traded item and may have some general wear and tear (nicks, scratches and so on)
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