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TOP provides the best cardiovascular upper body training on the market. By performing upper body rotary training with TOP, users increase fitness, improve muscular strength, endurance and the shape of their upper body.


Part of the full commercial, high-end Excite+ range, the Technogym Excite+ Top offers the very best in upper body cardio training. Performing upper body rotary training, it helps increase fitness and endurance, whilst improving muscular strength. Stylish yet comfortable and featuring the exciting Unity™ touchscreen console, it’s a stand-out performer at home and on the gym floor. The Excite+ Top is bursting with innovation. It offers flexible resistance with 30 difficulty levels and can be used either standing or in a seated position (if purchased with a seat). Choose from two seat options – the standard seat with a supportive backrest or the ergonomic “innovative” seat, which not only promotes correct posture but helps to engage the core, back and shoulder muscles for advanced total body stabilisation. Alternatively, used in the standing position (no seat), more muscles are engaged to burn additional calories. Thanks to the adjustable telescopic rotating arms and hand crank, mixing up the level of muscle engagement is easy. Plus, go forwards or backwards for a balanced workout that engages both the torso and shoulders.


The innovative Unity™ console offers a highly engaging experience with the option to design personalised training. The tablet-like touchscreen is simple to use with goal-orientated display, full entertainment options and 16 programmes to motivate and target individual goals. With access to the Technogym mywellness® cloud platform, users can download Technogym and third party apps, create personal profiles and access and share their own content (exercise details, videos and fitness stats) wherever they are.


This is also a super feature for commercial gyms as operators can use connectivity to get to know their customers better and create tailor-made experiences. The Excite Top+ Unity™ comes with the standard black “Trend” frame and black upholstery (seat). Please see features for alternative colour options.

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Dimensions: Length: 60 inches / 155 cm. Width: 25 inches / 65 cm. Height: 58 inches / 149.1 cm.
Unit Weight: 130 kg
Max User Weight: 397 lbs / 180 kg
  • Rotating Handles – The rotating handles engage different muscle groups, distributing the load according to the user’s needs and preferences.
  • Telescopic Arms – Telescopic arms enable use in all positions and at different heights. By varying the length of the arms, users can choose the level of involvement of the torso.Telescopic arms enable use in all positions and at different heights. By varying the length of the arms, users can choose the level of involvement of the torso.
  • Adjustable Hand Crank Hieght – The adjustable hand crank height ensures better comfort and correct posture, as well as a diversified involvement of the different muscle groups.
  • Forward-Backward Resistence – Forward-backward resistance enables users to achieve a more balanced workout and the complete involvement of all shoulder and torso muscles.
  • Safety and Results – The correct warm up of arm, shoulder muscles and joints before strength training and sport competitions improves results and helps prevent injuries. In just four minutes, by selecting the Warm Up function on the display, users will be taken through an exercise routine that prepares for safe and effective training.
  • Cruise Control – A new workout function developed in response to market demand. Easy to access with a dedicated button and only the target speed as parameter to programme, this function is very useful and highly beneficial for sport performance training and rehabilitation.
  • Testing Included – TOP sports a variety of tests that provides the user with assessment and evaluation tools for general training purposes as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Tests include: Sub-maximal and Maximal Tests for the assessment of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.
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