Technogym Selection Shoulder Press

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The Technogym Selection Shoulder Press was designed for working out the shoulders and arms. The exercise is performed along a guided trajectory, from a sitting position. It involves extending the arms upwards with the hands gripping the two independent levers. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.


  • The elliptical shape of the natural movement recruits all the muscles involved in the overhead press exercise
  • Range of movement is convergent for a better “free-weight” feeling
  • The two arms have an independent action for increased coordination
  • Plane of movement is slightly in front of the shoulders to decrease shoulder impingement
  • Neutral grip adds variety for the patterns of movement
  • Multi size grips ensure a proper fit for every user
  • Contoured shape of the back rest provides optimal stabilization
  • Shaped seat increase stability and comfort
  • Muscles: Deltoids, Triceps
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Dimensions: Height: 59 in (150cm) Width: 55 (140cm) in Length: 39 in (99.5cm)
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