True Fitness CS900 Cross-Trainer

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True Fitness CS900 Elliptical w/ Transcend 16 Console, this elliptical design is sure to turn heads. TRUE continues its tradition of high quality and craftsmanship with the CS900. The CS900 Elliptical offers TRUE’s patented Core Drive™ system that provides the most natural movement and keeps the user in the center of the exercise motion for superior balance, stability and comfort.


TRUE Fitness is the only company that provides a total body workout. Our proprietary Side Steps allow the user to step off and drive the CS900 using the upper body only. On traditional front-and-rear-drive elliptical machines, your arms just go for the ride while your legs do all the work.

TRUE stands alone in providing three separate positions that work the entire body:

Isolated Upper-Body
Isolated Lower-Body
Upper and Lower Total-Body




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Dimensions: 71″ L x 34″ W
Unit Weight: 170
Max User Weight: 181.437
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