There may not be an obvious link between sleep deprivation and your weight, but more and more research is showing just how important sleep is for your mood, mental performance, overall health and wellness, and especially when it comes to … Readmore

What do you think of when you think of Offices? Paper, chairs, the colour white, sneezing and white shirts- plenty of white shirts.  What about a gym? Weights, Cardio machines, grunting men…probably not. Leaders in the workplace have great opportunities … Readmore

A published Vitamin D guest blog written by Dr. Tania (Chinese Medicine) of Bnourishd. Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. It’s sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because our skin makes it when exposed to the sun. It’s also the … Readmore



Knee problems are common. Playing sport, general wear and tear and aging are the most common sources of knee problems seen in practices across Australia. While circumstances, age and body factors determine different factors, the overarching goal is all the … Readmore

Motivation is a fleeting momentary fluctuation of emotion directed towards something that one wants to endeavor. What’s the key word in all this? Momentary. Because that’s what motivation is, momentary. Motivation isn’t enough to get you the results you need. … Readmore

Stress is inevitable. We all experience it. While the scale of stress varies from one individual to the next, it is important to rationally acknowledge it and deal with it accordingly. This blog aims at simply breaking down the definition … Readmore

Both Upper body and Lower body workout: The great thing about using a rower is the movement involved between the upper and lower body during the exercise. As you start the range of motion you are exerting through your legs … Readmore

Keto diet, what’s all the buzz about? A quick look. The ketogenic diet is an interesting one. It consists of a high fat, low carbohydrate and moderate protein sources in order to achieve the outcome of the body using fat … Readmore

There are many pieces of cardio you can pick from in the gym. But what do you pick? The treadmill? the stepper? The bike? While the elliptical Cross-Trainer is something that is often used a lot, it still goes unforeseen … Readmore

Before getting into the nitty gritty, The first question needs to be asked. When planning or mapping out the business, what did you put down as your core values/beliefs? Living this through how you operate the gym is naturally going … Readmore

Arnold Schwarzenegger. The face of both classic and modern bodybuilding. His influence and reign in the 70’s not only transformed bodybuilding into the mainstream then, but also continues to inspire and shape the fitness and bodybuilding community today. You don’t … Readmore


2019 is here. We like to see our customers happy and healthy! This month we encourage you to engage in some sort of physical activity each and every day. Our first example of this is body weight squatting. Now I … Readmore

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1) Your dietary needs need to be acknowledged and not ignored anymore. Allergies, or that thing that makes you feel queasy after you’ve eaten it? you should probably stop eating. It’s so easy to ignore these little things, especially if they … Readmore

Fitness Equipments

Starting a gym is no easy task. John Gray has been running his business “Gray’s Fitness” for 23 years. Amongst owning and running this business, he has owned four of his own gyms, as well as co-owning and advising for … Readmore