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Lease to Own, Interest Free*

How it Works?

With Lease to Own, you choose eligible equipment and make weekly or monthly payments instead of paying for it outright. 

The prices are per week and can be paid over 12 months for Businesses with ABN* OR with fixed Instalments for Personal Use.

How much can you lease?

Is it profitable to own a gym in Australia?

ABN Holders: Lease Amount must be over $5,000

Personal Use/Less than $5000: Payments through ZIP** only.

** We will provide you with an Order link. Simply sign in to your ZIP Pay account and follow the instructions.

*Interest break down is as follows:

$0-$1,000  = 0% Interest with Zip Pay.

$1001-$5,000  = 3-5 Months Interest-Free with Zip Pay (minimum of 3 months, up to 5 years with Conditions)

$5000+ = For ABN Holders Only and is subject to Approval (Interest rate varies)

Please visit our Finance page for more options.


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