Cybex 750 T Treadmill

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Brand: Cybex
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Engineered to lead the pack, the CYBEX 750T is the strongest, toughest, and smartest treadmill on the market, delivering the best exercise experience for users and the most reliable performance for gym owners. Workout after workout, year after year. Still think all treadmills are the same?


  • Readout Display: Graphic display of profile via 10 x 15 dot matrix.
  • LED display distance, calories, calories/hr, METs, pace, heart rate, time, incline and speed level.
  • Fitness testing, cool-down feature
  • Programs: Quick Start and Manual as well as Weight Loss Rolling Hills; Hills, Pike’s Peak, and Hill Interval 1:1, Hill Interval 1:2, Hill Interval 1:3 and Cardio each with ten levels.
  • The Heart Rate Control program has user selectable heart rate target. Nine custom programs.

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