Freemotion Cable Cross

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  • Features 200 lb. Precision Machine Weight Plates – 50 lb. Resistance at Each Cable End – Single Cable Travels More than 10 Feet
  • Compact Single-Tear Design: Features 2 Independently Counter-Balanced Moveable Arms – Pop Pin Adjustable for Fast, Simple 360 Degree Mobility –

    The arms move vertically up and down, they DO NOT move horizontally in and out.

  • Precision Bearing Swivel Pulleys: Pulley Design Provides Practically Unlimited Range of Motion and Ensures Fluid Cable Travel / Precision Bearing Handle Pivots
  • Target Muscles: Functionally Trains the Muscles of the Entire Body to Work Together While Building Stability and Coordination
  • Enables a Variety of Exercises to Target Every Part of the Body – Over 100 Traditional or Everyday Activity Exercises – Includes Exercise Chart


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