Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover

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Brand: Freemotion
Category: Pin Loaded
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The Freemotion Dual-Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in everyday life. Every muscle and plane of motion can be worked and challenged on this unique machine. Lead one-on-one personal training sessions or small group circuits for a strength, stability and balance component you won’t find on fixed-isolated machines. The open design makes it ADA compliant and welcoming for all fitness levels. Add a bench or stability ball to create a truly customised workout for members who want to focus on ab work.



Standard Frame Colors Platinum Sparkle, Red Baron, Black, White
Optional Frame Colors On Request
Plastic Colors Ebony
Weight Stack lb (kg)Dual Weight Stacks
Stack 1: 240 lbs (108.8 kg)
Stack 2: 240 lbs (108.8 kg)
Weight Stack Configuration lb (kg)3.3 – 80 lbs each (36 kg)



Cable Travel in (cm)97 in (246 cm) per side
Rubber Feet Molded floor protectors
Resistance lb (kg)80 lbs (36 kg) each stack



Machine Weight lb (kg)1,246 lbs (565.1 kg)
Product L x W x H in (cm)38 x 123 x 92 in
(96.5 x 312.4 x 233.6 cm)

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