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14 x Technogym Jog Now 700 Treadmill

6 x Technogym Synchro Elliptical

3 x Technogym Upright Bike
4 x Technogym Recumbent bike
4 x Cybex 750AT ARC

1 x Technogym Vario

1 x Technogym Upper Body Grinder

1 x Technogym Wave

2 x Technogym Stepper

1 x Technogym Excite Climbmill
2 x Technogym Skillmill Connect

2 x Ski-Ergs

2 x AD8 Schwinn Airdyne Bikes

5 x Concept 2 Rowers

30 x Body Bikes


Pin Loaded Strength:
2 x Technogym Selection Leg extension

2 x Technogym Selection Seated leg curl

1 x Technogym Selection Prone leg curl
2 x Technogym Selection Shoulder press
2 x Technogym Selection Chest press
1 x Technogym Selection Abductor
1 x Technogym Selection Adductor
1 x Nautilus Cable crossover
1 x Technogym Element+ 8 Stack Multi-station with Cable Crossover
2 x Technogym Selection Leg press
1 x Technogym Assisted Chin Up
2 x Technogym Selection Lat Pulldown
2 x Technogym Cable Pulley
1 x Paramount Duel Pulley/Functional Trainer
1 x Pec Fly/Rear Delt
1 x Technogym Standing Hamstring Curl
1 x Donkey calf raise

1 x Technogym Glute
1 x Nautilus Standing calf raise


Plate Loaded Strength:
Hammer Strength ISO lateral High Row
Hammer Strength ISO lateral Row
Hammer Strength ISO lateral Wide Pulldown
Hammer Strength Isolate Tal leg extension
Hammer Strength V-squat
Hammer Strength Hack squat
Hammer Strength 45 Degree Leg press
Hammer Strength Iso lateral Super Incline Press
Hammer Strength ISO lateral incline press
Hammer Strength ISO lateral shoulder press
Hammer Strength ISO lateral horizontal bench press
Nautilus Smith Machine

4 x Power Racks with Lifting Platforms

Delt raise
Squat lunge

Hammer Strength Dip
3 x Hammer Strength Flat Bench Press
Hammer Strength Decline Bench Press
Hammer Strength Incline Bench Press
Hammer Strength Military Bench Press
Verve Belt squat (verve)
3 x Flat Bench
3 x Adjustable Bench
Preacher curl
Preacher curl plate loaded

Additional Strength & Functional Training:

Iron edge Cross-fit Rig

Dumbbells 12-50 with rack
Fixed Barbells 10-40 with rack
Functional equipment: balls, Olympic bars, weight plates, plyo boxes etc





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