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Reliable, simple to use and in great cosmetic condition. This machine is built to last.

The Intenza 550Te2 Entertainment Series Treadmill Merges Stunning Design and Smart Technology with the Entertainment and Performance Features Exercisers Demand.


The Intenza 550Te2 acheives a level of stability that sets a new gold standard for commercial treadmills. The heaviest on the commercial market, it creates the sensation of running on solid ground – unlike machines with raised platforms that bounce and vibrate. Coupled with an elastomer cushioning and extra long running surface, users can run freely, lengthening their stride as naturally as if they were on solid ground.

Unrivalled Endurance

Endurance is needed not just for exercise. Endurance is essential for the equipment itself. The 550Te2 is able to perform in heat, humidity and repeated impact, hour after hour, day after day. With 4000+ hours of maintainence free performance provided by the reversable, wax impregnated deck driven by the 4 HP industrial strength motor.

19″ Touch-Screen Monitor

The Intenza Entertainment Series Treadmill is equpped with smart technology. The monitor operates like the latest smartphones and tablets providing exeptional veiwing quality. Enjoy movies, music, tv or internet while working out – Eliminating learning curves and boosting user confidence. Industrial grade construction ensures long term performance and function.

ComfortFit TM Features

Intenza treadmills compliment the natural motions – and emotions – of the person using them. Personal space matters and the 550Te2 protects personal space, allowing exercisers to to get into their zone and stay there thanks to the comfort and convenience of it’s spaciously designed running surface and cockpit area. Streamlined motor cover design offers unobstructed room for comfortable running at any pace.

Ergo Bar Control Centre

This innovative feature uses an instinctive stick shift to adjust speed and elevation without the user breaking stride.

State of the Art Intelligence

The most revered brands are those with  the best customer service. Scheduled maintainence, software updates and service needs are addressed by Intenza promtly.

  • Machines alert Internza’s Incare TM online service team when attention is needed.
  • Built in self diagnostic tool takes the guess work out of identifying a maintainence issue.
  • Using the Intenza’s InCare TM online customer care program, machines send an alert to Intenza’s  online service team when service is needed – speeding up the solution and saving operator time.


Speed:0.8-25 km/h (0.5-15.6 mph)


Condition:Cleaned & Serviced

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