Life Fitness 93x Cross Trainer

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Brand: Life Fitness
Category: Elliptical Cross Trainers
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The Life Fitness 93x Elliptical Crosstrainer is a very convenient and energy efficient addition to any gym or home. With the presence of rear wheels, moving the 93x into a living room, basement, or cardio room is an easy task. With the battery operated function, the 93x comes without any cord or electrical outlet options, which again makes for great convenience. In addition to its convenience, the 93x also comes equipped with biomechanically correct handlebar movement, ergonomic ellipse path, oversized non-slip pedals, and static support handlebars. Lastly, as with all other Life Fitness products, the 93x also comes with a variety of pre-programmed workouts.

The Life Fitness 93x encourages the most natural movement among every major muscle group, so you are not only getting the best cardio workout, you are also toning your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs! All shaped with exercise at a lower-perceived exertion than lower body only workouts. All in a 20-minute time crunch. It’s safe to say with Life Fitness 93x Elliptical Cross Trainer, users can build the best muscle tone above and below the waist.


Dimensions:215 cm L x 67 cm W x 162.5 cm H
Weight:130 kg
Max. User Weight:160 kg
Readout Display:

  • Elapsed Time
  • Total calories burned
  • Calories burned per hour
  • Watts
  • MET’s
  • Resistance level
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Workout Profile
  • Heart Rate


  • 50.8 Strife Length
  • Ergonomically correct moving arm handles provide total-body workout
  • Integrated reading rack and accessory tray
  • Display: Dual Level alphanumeric LED console
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar Telemetry
  • Resistance Levels: 25

Programs:Random, Manual, Hill, Quick Start, Customized Cool Down, 5 Zone Training+ HR workouts, 8 Interval Workouts, Crosstrain Aerobics, Crosstrain Reverse


Refurbishment:As Traded

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