Life Fitness Pro2 Lying Leg/hamstring Curl

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Brand: Life Fitness
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Life Fitness Pro2 Prone Leg Curl, tone your leg’s muscles with the Life Fitness Pro2 Prone leg Curl today and enjoy timeless results.

Life Fitness Pro2 Prone Leg Curl has solid steel weight plates with the top weight plate fitted with bushings to reduce friction and noise. In addition, the plates have a magnetic selector pin for easy and secure weight adjustments. The front weight shrouds experience reduced resistance due to the self-lubricating mechanism with which it is made. All the weight stacks have 3/4” single stainless steel guide rod.

The pulley system is designed to reduce wear and tear as well as working resistance. All its Pulleys are made from fiberglass-impregnated nylon that features sealed ball bearings for maximum lubrication. Handgrips to the set are made of a non-absorbing extruded thermo rubber compound and supported with aluminum collars to prevent slipping off during use. These Grips are positioned to maintain a neutral wrist position and the diameters designed for that defined action to ensure comfortable exercising.


Dimensions:65″ x 39″ x 55″ / (165 x 99 x 140 cm)

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