Commercial Advanced Leg Press & Hack Squat Machine

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  • Easy to operate racking mechanism for improved safety
  • Simple adjust from leg press to hack squat
  • Adjustable foolplate angles
  • Can use for calf raise
  • Linear bearings for smooth motion
  • Moulded pads for comfort and durability


· Tubing: 50 x 100mm, electro-welded to maximum integrity

· Heavy duty 11 gauge steel (2.75mm)

· Laser cut steel for accuracy and issue free assembly

· Robotic welding for perfect finish and strength

· Standard colour: Grey

· Finish: Antioxidant to ensure adequate insulation of internal oxidation. Good paint adhesion primer. Two final coats of epoxy polyester powder, dried at 240 ° C

Handles and Adjustments

· Handles: Slip resistant custom-moulded rubber grip assembly with machined alloy end-cap and retaining ring. Push grips are over-sized to 39mm diameter. Pull grips and handlebars are over-sized to 32mm diameter for optimal gripping

· Starting Position Adjustment: Hardened spring-loaded snap-pin assembly with easy-to-grip pull handle for smooth position adjustment. Pull handle is colour-coded for easy identification

· Seat/Back Pad Adjustments: Custom-moulded sleeve-tube inserts in between inner and outer tubing ensures stable, low friction seat adjustments. Seat adjustment with push-to-release lever is colour-coded for easy identification. Viewing window and etched numbers on sleeve-tube for accurate positioning of seat and back pad

Bearings and Pivot Joints

· Pillow block motor grade rotary bearings provided on machines with a cam assembly (Arm Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Abdominal, and Back Extension)

· Axles: 25mm solid steel pivot axles with oil-impregnated bronze bushings for precise alignment and frictionless movement


· Fabric: Premium quality, industrial strength 3mm artificial leather with protective coating results in long-lasting, easy-to-clean upholstery pads and rollers. Fabric meets or exceeds universal fire regulations

· Construction: 4-piece design with 19mm thick plywood backing, followed by 38mm thick foam core, covered by industrial artificial leather. Total thickness is 60mm


Dimensions:L x W x H (MM) 2207*1128*1503
Features:· Extreme durability- Heavy duty 11 gauge (2.75mm) 50 x 100mm steel

· Smooth, fluid movement- Expert biomechanics ensure controlled, natural movement, providing exceptional performance for all users

· Instruction made easy- Placards provide simple step-by-step exercise instructions and training tips to help users get the most out of their workout

· Multiple position, oversized grips for variety and comfort

· Optimal designed seat, back pads and arm handles ensuring best position for stability and muscle engagement

· Counterbalanced movement arms to ensure proper motion path and provide light starting weight

· User friendly design

· Water bottle & accessories holder- Top cap secures the front and back shrouds and includes an accessories shelf and 4 inch (102mm) diameter water bottle holder.

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