Matrix Hand Krank Cycle

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The Krankcycle by Matrix features independent crank arms that offer a wide variety of movements to keep users engaged. The crank arm height is adjustable and the crank-and-flywheel assembly rotates to enable forward and reverse movement. Available either with or without the ergonomic saddle to allow for wheelchair accessibility. Kranking increases aerobic capacity and upper-body strength, burns calories and builds core stability.


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  • Independent crank arms for greater variety of movement to keep users engaged
  • Ergonomically designed saddle allows easy transition between seated and standing exercise positions
  • Adjustable crank arm height encourages greater range of muscle activation
  • Crank and flywheel assembly rotates to accommodate forward and reverse movements
  • Narrow crank axis allows for higher RPMs, increasing speed and endurance
  • Wheelchair accessible when purchased without the seat


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