Matrix Package (All Black)

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Brand: Matrix
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Matrix T3X Treadmill

Matrix C3X Climbmill

Matrix Magnum Seated Row

Matrix Magnum Shoulder Press

Matrix Magnum Seated Calf

Matrix Magnum Smith Machine

Matrix Magnum Leg Press

Matrix Magnum Hack Squat

2 x Matrix Magnum Multi Adjustable Bench Flat To Incline

2 x Matrix Magnum Half Rack

Matrix Versa Hip Abductor/Adductor

4 x Olympic Rubber Coated plates 2.5kg

4 x Olympic Rubber Coated plates 5kg

10 x Olympic Rubber Coated plates 10kg

20 x Olympic Rubber Grips 25kg Black

3 x Diamond/Trap Barbell with 400ml Sleeve


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