Matrix Pectoral Fly G3-S12

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Brand: Matrix
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Who doesn’t want a muscular, well-defined chest? Strong pectoral muscles not only give the upper torso spectacular definition, but they also help give the body increased strength and endurance for sports as well as for everyday tasks. This is key in injury prevention and maintaining a strong, confident posture. Many exercises with free weights involve other muscle groups such as the triceps, but a fly machine has the ability to isolate the pecs so you can target them specifically and give them the TLC they deserve! Using a fly machine also doesn’t require a spotter, so you can train when you want.

Beautifully crafted and boasting the round, tubing design that gives Matrix equipment unrivalled strength and durability, the G3-S12 Pectoral Fly is ideal for your home gym or commercial fitness studio. Offered with a standard second clear powder coating this machine has a stunning automotive quality finish that will stand up to the rigours of a busy commercial environment.

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