Precor C-Line Tricep Extension

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Item: #6760
Brand: Precor
Category: Pin Loaded
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Precor C-Line Tricep Extension.

Both yourself and your clients will appreciate the combination of bio-mechanics and aesthetics in the Experience Strength C-Line. With modern, high-end design and exceptional feel, the entire range delivers a premium workout experience.

Highly Refined Touch Points – Every component the user touches is designed to enhance the workout experience, including extra large grips for pushing and standard-sized grips for pulling.

Instructional Placards – Simple, step-by-step instructions for setup and exercise tips that help users maximize their workout.

Fabulous piece of equipment you won’t regret purchasing. Contact us today!


Dimensions:L 112 x W 109 x H 170 cm
Weight:210 kg
Features:78 kg Weight Stack


Refurbishment:Cleaned and Serviced

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