Precor Pin Loaded Strength Package (Black)

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Brand: Precor
Category: Pin Loaded Packages
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The Discovery™ Series combines all the functional performance elements demanded from a strength line, but with a focus on ease of use and thoughtful design detail to appeal to a wide range of exercisers. The result is an exceptional fit and feel for the first-time user or seasoned athlete.



1 x Lying Leg Curl

1 x Bicep Curl

1 x Tricep Extension

1 x Chest Press

1 x Back Extension

1 x Glute Extension

1 x Seated Dip

1 x Shoulder Press

1 x Abdominal

1 x Rotary Torso

1 x Seated Leg Curl

1 x Leg Extension

1 x Inner Thigh

1 x Outer Thigh

1 x Leg Press

1 x Lateral Raise

1 x Lat Pulldown

1 x Seated Row

1 x Knee raise

1 x Incline bench press

1 x Flat bench

1 x Squat rack



















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