Precor V1 TRM 885 Treadmill

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Brand: Precor
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The TRM 885 treadmill is one of the top of the line Precor treadmills specifically designed for commercial facilities, and renowned for great performance and durability. The machine offers a 3 degree decline option and a maximum speed of 16 mph, which are unique to the TRM 885 model.

Equipped with wonderful inclusions like Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT) Ground Effects® and Impact Control (GFX), the TRM 885 delivers an unbelievably smooth and natural feel during running or walking workouts.

Product Highlights:
With a touch screen console somewhat similar to a high end phone, and a simple user friendly intuitive interface that draws the user deeper into the workout, the P80 console is a reliable fitness solution that will feel more powerful the longer you use it.

Heart Rate Monitoring:
The easy to use Precor handgrip sensors and telemetry will monitor the heart rate during a workout, helping the user to easily stay in a desired aerobic workout zone, allowing them to optimize fat burn and improve cardio fitness.

Integrated Footplant Technology™:
The Precor patented belt system adjusts the belt velocity 100 times per second to match natural changes in foot speed, which produces a smooth, rhythmic stride and reduces the jarring impact which can often place unwanted stress on the joints and cause injuries.

Ground Effects® Impact Control System:
Reducing fatigue and helping the user maintain a more even speed, the patented system combines ideal cushioning where the feet will land as well as vital stability where the feet push off.


Dimensions:L 224 cm x W 89 cm x H 163 cm



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