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The SCIFIT PRO 1 Sport Standing Upper Body Exerciser is the industry’s most versatile ground based training rotary device. Use it for one or both arm exercises — forward or backward — for strength and cardio. Also ideal with a stability ball or disk.


-Enhanced, sturdy standing platform

-Adjustable cranks

-Bi-directional exercise

-Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program

Smart Fitness Solutions SCIFIT’s comprehensive fitness solutions let users of all ages and abilities experience improvement at every level. Iso-Strength A SCIFIT exclusive, provides resistance that mirrors the force applied by the user to safely accommodate individual strength needs.ISO-Strength is designed for ease of use, safety, concentric movement, accomodating resistance, interval training and variable resistance.Constant Work SCIFIT’s program that provides a steady workload measured in WATTS and METS to increase endurance and provide built-in limits as a safeguard. The SCIFIT Constant Work program doesn’t allow cheating and monitors prescribed work programs.Bi-Directional Resistance SCIFIT’s program that allows users to exercise forward and in reverse to recruit reciprocal muscle groups and allow longer workouts for greater results. Benefits of SCIFIT’s Bi-Directional Resistance program include added variety, reduced risk of injury, prolonged workouts and increased conditioning.

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