Tanita Body Composition Scale Analyser TIMC780MA

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Brand New<br>Calculates body fat ratio, muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, metabolic age and more.


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Brand: Wedderburn
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The Tanita TIMC780MA is a multi-frequency body composition analyser providing detailed analysis and information of body composition. The unit is perfect for medical practitioners, hospitals, gyms and health clubs, but would fit right in at home also.

Aesthetically attractive, and not needing too much room due to quite a small footprint, the machine weighs a mere 15.5 kg, and offers a capacity of 270 kg x 100 g. The platform size is 350 mm wide x 350 mm deep x 90 mm high.


Dimensions:350mm (W) x 350mm (D) x 90mm (H)

  • Next generation body composition analysis utilising multi frequency technology providing heightened accuracy with proven reliability and repeatability.
  • Non-invasive 8 electrode bio-electrical impedance analysis.
  • Total body analysis including body fat, muscle mass, total body water, extra cellular and intra cellular water, bone mass, visceral fat rating, metabolic age and more.
  • Detailed information and analysis of intra cellular and extra cellular water essential for fluid status assessment.
  • Segmental analysis for each leg, arm and trunk, fat distribution and reactance/resistance assessment allowing in-depth trend consultation.
  • Clinical accuracy with quick 20 second analysis.
  • 2 user modes, standard and athlete, 5-99 years of age, 90-250 cm height.
  • USB and RS232C data output for in-depth assessment.
  • SD card slot for data recording.
  • USB mini-B printer port for connection to validated PictBridge printer.
  • Australian register of therapeutic goods (ARTG)#142294

Options:Health management software, charts patients progress.



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