Tec Rope Blue (Medium/Large)

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What is Tec-Rope?

The most advanced skipping rope to ever hit the market. Revolutionary design features allow split-second adjustment in length, making it ideal for use by individuals, gyms and personal trainers.The benefits of TEC-ROPE lie in it’s adjustability. No longer do you need to waste time tying and untying knots or cutting the rope to get the desired length. With a split-second pull on the rope in either direction you can achieve the optimal length to maximise your skipping workout. This is achieved simply by pulling the lanyard to shorten or pull on the rope to lengthen. All this can be achieved in a split second.

As an added bonus the configuration of the rope means that it can also be used for resistance training. Simply extend rope to maximum length, grasp the handles in the horizontal position, stand on the rope at the desired length (the shorter the length the greater the resistance) and start to exercise; curls, reverse curls, side raise, front raise and even tricep extension are simple.

So what this offers you is a dual purpose skipping rope that won’t kink, is more forgiving when you whip yourself and is re-adjustable as well as doubling as a resistance training device.



  • Instant adjustability
  • Kink-free long lasting rope
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Liquid smooth action
  • Perfect length = less drag
  • Unique patented design
  • Proudly made in Australia



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