VersaClimber 108LX

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Brand: BodyTastic
Category: Steppers And Climbers
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VersaClimber 108LX

VersaClimber is the Leader in Total Body Fitness and has maintained it’s reputation as a trusted name in fitness for 33 years. VersaClimber is the #1 leader in total body, vertical training, and you certainly won’t ever regret purchasing this amazing machine. Studies have shown that moving arms above your heart and over your head promotes better circulation delivering longer lasting cardio results. The machines unique arm and leg push/pull action assists in making this happen.

Health clubs, physical therapy clinics, military, universities, professional teams and other. Training and conditioning facilities world-wide embrace the VersaClimber for its unsurpassed cardio benefits, versatility and relentless durability. With the VersaClimber, you get better results in less time, with the highest calorie burn rate than other ellipticals, treadmills and steppers.

The zero impact, injury free, total body, functional training workout is something you’ll never forget, and will enjoy for years to come.


Features:Programs: Opponent Race, Program

Variable Control: 0-500 lbs.

Step Height: 1-20 inches

Arm Travel: 1-20 inches

Maximum Speed: 350 Vertical Feet Per Minute

Climb Angle: 75 Degrees

Heart Rate Monitoring: No

Heart Rate Display: No

Hand Grip Adjustment: Yes, 4 settings

Power Requirement: 9 volt Battery or 110 AC power supply

Max User Weight: 350 lbs

Product Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 7′ 10″ (assembled)

Base Size: 48″ x 48″

Structure: Steel, Double welded


Refurbishment:Cleaned and Serviced

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