Alzheimers and Dementia, how to slow it down.

Alzheimers and Dementia, how to slow it down.

In this the very first installment of the “Health and Fitness Tips and Information” section of the Grays Fitness blog, we touch on a condition which has negatively affected so many people around the world for far too long.  The very mention of the words Alzheimers and Dementia will probably strike fear into the hearts of anyone who has ever witnessed the devastating effects the conditions can inflict on those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with them.
It’s pretty normal to forget where we left the car keys from time to time, due to simply being a little tired – but when your family has a history of dementia, it can make you more than a little frightened, and for very good reason.
The following link will take you to a very interesting article on the subject by Dr Marilyn Glenville phD, which was posted on the website. To date, the illness continues on it’s insidious path of destruction with seemingly nothing to halt it’s progress, and it is comforting to read something positive in relation to dealing with it.

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