Top 3 reasons why you should buy commercial, refurbished gym equipment.

Top 3 reasons why you should buy commercial, refurbished gym equipment.


Commercial gym equipment is expensive. You probably know this.

Maybe you can’t afford brand new equipment worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe you can, but why would you? Buying refurbished, used second-hand equipment is so close to the new thing, whether that be a treadmill, stair climber or cross trainer.

The best part? It’s the fraction of the cost.

Why refurbished gym equipment is better than lemonade, point one: Quality:

Oh, it’s used, it’s not actually going to be as good as the new thing…

Well…yeah. You’re right. But not really.

It’s so similar to the new thing that you probably couldn’t tell the difference. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you’ve finished reading the process part of this blog, if you get there before buying all our products on our website that is ?

Actually, let’s have a look at that process now that we are talking about it: For this example we will demonstrate the process of a treadmill refurbishment:

  • A general clean and look over- dust, marks and smidgens are wiped over or removed.
  • Full body and Frame spray- to get the treadmill looking new, it needs a new paint job. Carefully sprayed and worked over ensures it’s not only looking good for dispatch, but also worked over for long jeopardy.
  • Resprayed plastics- Much alike to the body and frame spray, just on all the plastics parts!
  • New running belt- running belts are obviously one of the things that are going to be worn out the most. We replace these.
  • New running deck-you know the thingy that goes under the bet. We fully replace this as well.
  • Reconditioned Motor: This is where things get a little grittier: Bearings, brushes and things like a motor rewind if required are looked at and replaced.
  • Reconditioned lift motor: New shafts, bearings and shafts, alike the reconditioned motor.
  • New bearings front and rear rollers- new bearings are a very, very important part of the refurbishment process.

Why refurbished gym equipment is better than lemonade, point two: Price Point:

Isn’t it obvious? It’s cheap. Duh.

Refurbished gym equipment can be up to 75% cheaper than the commercial retail price, potentially saving you tens of thousands worth of money. Combine this with great quality products, it’s a win-win situation.


I don’t think it was mentioned that you almost always get warranty with your purchase. And if you’re not, you should look to someone who does.

(shameless plug time) For example, we offer a 3-year warranty with any reconditioned piece of cardio equipment. This includes 12 months for the running deck and belt, as well 12 months on the electronics and a lifetime on the frame of the machine.

Why refurbished gym equipment is better than lemonade, point three:


Sustainability is trendy now isn’t it? Seriously, you’re doing something for the environment if your buying machines that have already been made in the factory. It’s like second hand anything else- it helps like the life span and animals of the world man….

Alright let’s not get carried away, but buying something that’s been re manufactured is better than being part for the demand for the use of plastics and metals in some factory.

The take away: If you’re in the market for gym equipment, you defiantly should consider buying used, refurbished commercial gym equipment. I don’t really need to reiterate why, just why not. Happy shopping! And remember-always look for a warranty!

Here at Gray’s Fitness we sell everything from exercise bikes, used treadmills, second hand exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers, stair climbers and rowing machines. Rest assured all of your second hand gym equipment needs are here. You can buy it as as traded, refurbished or new, with our prices proudly being up to 75% lower than the RRP. We are based in Altona North in Melbourne but ship everywhere in Australia including Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, as well as everywhere internationally.

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