16 Piece Keiser Pneumatic Package

Rare opportunity to save big on 16 pieces of used gym equipment presented in very nice condition!

Budget priced!
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Brilliant opportunity to get your hands on some great used equipment as traded to us in very nice condition and offered for a short time at a crazy low price. This is a package offer and the 16 equipment pieces cannot be separated. If you are interested be very sure to move quickly by contacting us today, because as the images in the link provided show, the equipment has been well looked after and may not be available all that long.

Please note: Package offer only, equipment cannot be separated at this time.


Buy 16 Piece Keiser Pneumatic Package online. If you are interested in the 16 Piece Keiser Pneumatic Package for sale, please enquire above.
  • 2936 Air 300 Seated Calf Unilateral
  • 1122 Air 250 Leg Extension range of motion
  • 1222 Air 250 Seated Leg Curl range of motion
  • 1321 Air 250 Seated Chest press
  • 1531 Air 300 Squat
  • 1621 Air 250 Shoulder Press
  • 1721 Air 250 Arm Curl
  • 1921 Air 250 Seated Tricep Press
  • 2035 Air 350 Upper Back row unilateral
  • 2111 Air 300 Lateral Raise
  • 2121 Air 250 Lever Pulldown
  • 2235 Air 350 Seated Butterfly unilateral
  • 2531 Air 300 Leg Press Unilateral
  • 2621 Air 250 Standing Hip
  • 2721 Air 250 Abdominal
  • 2821 Air 250 Lower Back
This is an As Traded item and may have some general wear and tear (nicks, scratches and so on).
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